Gemstone Certification

GJEPC Gemstone Brief Report

Titan Gems now offers gemological certificates for nearly all gemstone varieties we sell. You have the option to purchase a certificate when you add an item to your shopping cart.


Please note: if you need a certificate for a gem, you must order the certificate at the time you place the order for the gem.

The certificates are gemstone identification reports issued by GJEPC gemological laboratories. We currently use one of the leading gemological labs in the world for colored gemstones based at Jaipur

The gem identification reports certify the gem type -- e.g., natural sapphire -- but they are not grading reports for color or clarity or value. The GJEPC reports also identify any gem treatments in the comments section.

We test samples of all gems we offer for sale on our website, and many of our unheated sapphires are sold with certificates included. But due to our large inventory, we do not certify every stone before it is sold. So when you order a certificate for a gem, we usually have to send the gem to the lab for testing. We try to certify gems within 5 days whenever possible.

Please note that if you order an item which consists of two or more gemstones, the lab will test only one gem from the pair or lot.