Titan Gems is the world’s largest Gemstone wholesalers, manufacturers and retailers having huge collection of loose gemstones-faceted, cabochon etc.We facilitate the growth of jewellery businesses worldwide by providing varieties of gemstones in every cut, shapes, sizes etc.We at Titan Gems believe in constantly adding value by exclusive gemstones, crystals, healing stones etc to our customers and then to the jewellery industry. Thus, we endure towards expanding the breadth of our product offering and engaging ourselves in further excelling the quality of gemstones. Titan gems breadth of gemstone offering and its focus on quality has made it one of the most preferred wholesale gemstone supplier to the biggest and most well-known designers,brands and/or jewellery companies .

We are having collection of fine quality colored gemstones and semi-precious gemstones including crystals, gemstone beads, healing stones, spa stones etc in variety of shapes, sizes, cuts and colors. We also do custom gemstone cuts for our wellknown designers/ jewellery companies across the globe. Our semi-precious gemstone supply is constant as we are always "on the move" when it comes to acquiring new colored gemstones. Most of our stones are mined and cut overseas. More often than not, we repolish and even recut our colored gemstones to give them that extra sparkle.

Here at Titan Gems, you can purchase a vivacious colored gemstones and then design a piece of jewelry around it. We find that many consumers like to be involved in the whole process of selecting a stone, designing a piece and then wearing the finished jewelry. Buying loose coloured gemstones is now a real trend among consumers. We can also give suggestions as to what type of jewelry would complement your gemstone and even design a mounting just for you. Just let us know and we'll give you a quote. Enjoy our large collection of gemstones and love this magical world of gemstones!